On March 2012, we became the first restaurant in this district to be allowed
by the Chuo ward to handle and serve raw beef cuisine to our customers.
Since then, we have been serving fresh raw beef such as yukhoe and beef sashimi.
We will strive to continue to strive serving our customers safe and fresh raw beef of highest quality.

We are proud to present this delicious salty Yukhoe. Our resident chef's desire for our customers to be able to enjoy a genuine taste of raw beef cuisine was finally realized with this salty Yukhoe. We are also proud to serve “Gravy Yukhoe” and “Spicy Yukhoe” to you.

Raw beef, broiled fatty beef, and sirloin served atop vinegar flavored rice. Those are the dishes only Ginza Koso can serve.

Luxurious plate of Hokkaido fresh sea urchin wrapped with Kuroge Wagyu beef.

A salad-like dish with Wagyu beef tartare on top of avocado paste.

Finely minced portions of Kuroge Wagyu Beef sashimi beautifully served over rice, alongside homemade garlic soy sauce and a fresh egg yolk. We believe this dish is something you have never tasted before and will enjoy immensely.

Crown-like Hokkaido sea urchin and plentiful caviar luxuriously covering beautiful raw sirloin beef.

*** All prices in our shop include service charge and consumption tax.
*** There will be a cover charge of 700yen per person for a la carte only orders as an appetizer fee.
*** We ask that you please order at least one drink per person.
*** All guests must be 13 years of age or older during dinner hours.
*** There will be a cancellation fee if you cancel on the day.
*** For groups of 6 people or more we don't accept direct reservations,please make a reservation through your hotel.